attitude will make or break you

Why all this talk about attitude? Does attitude really make a difference? Will attitude really make or break you? Perhaps these are similar to the questions you are asking. Or maybe you wonder if there are ways to monitor or cope when our attitudes are in transition from a negative to positive focus. You might also be wondering how to better develop and grow attitudes that will help you move forward in life and be successful. If this is you, you are in the right place.

3 Areas of Focus in the Attitude Category

There are three subtopics that I want to address through the articles in the attitude category of this blog: importance, coping skills, and growth.


I want to highlight the importance of different aspects surrounding our attitudes: the environment that we’re in, the outlook that we have. If we’re feeling stuck or we are holding back for some reason, it’s important to know why. It’s also important to know what might help us stay more positive.

Coping Skills

When we are in a place of transition do we have the right coping skills to help us stay positive and focused?


This is along the lines of how we can develop our attitudes and what influences them. Let’s learn about our attitudes so that we can leave them in the past, adjust them, or allow them to come with us.

While these are the 3 areas of focus, a single post might hit on any or all of them. You can expect posts on attitude on the 3rd Thursday of the month.

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