secret to confidence

Around some people there is an air of confidence and around others the lack of confidence is obvious. Still others are somewhere in the middle. Is there a secret to confidence? When we are confident we are more likely to do the things we want to do. However, confidence isn’t as easy to grow in ourselves as it is to spot in other people.

The secret to confidence

I am working to grow my confidence. I say grow because it doesn’t happen overnight.

I can’t say that I have the secret to gaining more confidence, but I’ve learned the importance of sharing where you are. So here is where I am in growing an attitude of confidence and discovering the secret to confidence.

It’s about perseverance and action.

The way to confidence through perseverance

As I was drafting my thoughts for this article, I realized that perseverance through difficult situations has influenced my level of confidence. There are several situations that I can pull up in my mind that have been trying situations through which I’ve persevered.

I’ve faced each of those trials without giving up as soon as it got hard. This gives me the confidence that I can face present and future trials confidently. It is the ability to persevere which grows my confidence.

The way to confidence through action

JUST ____.

I know you think I’m quoting Nike, but I’m not. Or maybe I am. In this case, however, you get to answer the fill in without the visual of the commercial.

Seriously, it took me months to regrow my confidence in the level of my writing skills after I started this blog.

JUST…whatever it is you need to do.

I had to JUST WRITE.

Even though I have always loved writing and have always done well in writing, picking it up again to start this blog meant that I had to shake the dust off my writing skills. I hadn’t written anything (I’d even stopped journaling!) and here I wanted to go public with my posts!

Those first few posts were difficult, because I lacked the full confidence in my skills that I once had. However, I regained my confidence in my writing skills by persevering through those first few drafts and posts….through those first few months.

I had to JUST WRITE.

In conclusion, I think that confidence is a muscle. You can work that muscle out and you can’t expect it to grow unless you do.

What’s your fill in answer? Today I need to JUST _____.

Behavior Challenge: Pick it. Do it. Answer the above fill in and do it.