taking the first step clears the way for clarity

A lack of clarity can be really daunting. Where do you start? When do you know you’re ready to start or if you picked the right starting place? Will you be okay with the result? There are so many questions that we ask when we lack clarity. We want to know the right answer to our questions. However, that desire doesn’t always help us out. Sometimes we get stuck trying to find the right answer and we don’t take any action. Sometimes taking the first step clears the way for clarity.

Asking Questions to Gain Clarity

Reflection can be a good step towards clarity. Especially when the other options seem too daunting or when we are trying to learn from previous steps.

Try asking yourself these questions:

  1. What are the four most recent changes that you have made in your life?
  2. What triggered you to make those changes?
  3. Can you connect how each trigger and each change resulted in another trigger for change?
  4. If you can connect them, did you gain any insight into what change you might address next? If you couldn’t connect them, do you see any patterns in your process for deciding what to work on in each case?

I’m interested in hearing your answers to question 4.

I asked it in this way, because I was able to connect my triggers and changes into a sort of chain reaction. I’m curious if this is your experience or if it works in a different way for you.

Behavior Challenge:  If taking the first step clears the way for clarity, take some time to reflect on what your first step will be.